Paint Nite CT: First Time Around

A few months ago a friend recommended signing up for the new Paint Nite phenomenon that seems to have taken over my email and Groupon. Maybe its not such a new concept but certainly seems to be all the rave amongst most of the 30-40 something-year-olds I know.  At first I was a little apprehensive about it since I would have to use my left hand (non-dominant). Naturally I assumed if writing with a pen is difficult then certainly holding a paint brush and constructing something meaningful let alone beautiful would be equally as difficult, if not more. Sadly I had a defeatist attitude and tried desperately to approach this new experience with a smile and brave front. Well, I learned that indeed I could paint with my left hand, and at that, very well. Reminds me of a quote I read many years ago, "the fear of failure holds us back".

Now instead, I'd like to remember to always be open to new things, even if you doubt yourself. Or as my friend likes to say to me, "life opens up when you do", well according to Crest. I'd have to agree.